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I had never thought about the potential of my parcel before, I kinda just lived and worked in my house like many other people. After my initial consult, I learned that I could activate my space not just by rearranging furniture, but setting an intention in the spaces of my home. I highly recommend Potential Parcel to anyone looking to create a better vibe, or get more out of their home!

Frankie Bolder

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As a new home buyer, the whole process was overwhelming. Finding my potential parcel seemed like a daunting task. But working with Potential Parcel has helped me learn how to leverage my assets, and has empowered me to become an owner of multiple properties. Selling our last home with them happened so seamlessly! It's hard to imagine that we made enough on our last sale to invest in a home for our daughter to live in while she is going to college! I never could have imagined being in this position in just 3 years! I will definitely be continuing my relationship with Potential Parcel and sharing their info to those who are interested in real estate.

Quinn Davis

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Potential Parcel's Showing Strategy is now joke! I had no idea what I was doing when I contacted them originally. I had so many different homes selected that I wanted to view, not realizing that they didn't suit my needs. Potential Parcel helped me narrow my selection down to several properties from dozens which saved me so much time and energy! I am so grateful because I would have missed out on putting an offer in on the house of my dreams if I had been driving all over the place looking at mismatches. Can't recommend them enough!

Sandy Williams

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